My name is Cris Wesselman. I am not your typical “Geek”. I just happen to love helping people find ways to leverage technology better in their lives. If I had to put it into words, I’d say that I’m a “Technical Concierge”.

Here is what this means:

I will answer your call. I will listen to you. I will research and present options that will best meet your needs. I will plan, implement and maintain those solutions.  I will check in with you along the way. I will be patient and speak to you with respect, and I will use plain English when doing so. I will let you know up front if I am capable of handling your needs, or if another provider would be better suited for you. I will find the best solution to your needs – even if that means finding another provider for you.

I aim to be the only number you need to call to bring all of the different technologies together – home, office, phone, car and so much more.